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  Launching ExtraLab Plus

Innovation and Dedication to our Clients are two of EGITRON's main values, and this is why we are now announcing a new†system that was originally created as a project developed to our client†HENKELL & CO. SEKTKELLEREI KG, a renowned†German winery. What was required of this project was a system capable of performing the following tests:
  • release torque and extraction of champagne corks
  • release torque and extraction of capsulated corks
  • extraction of still wine corks
  • opening and closing of screw caps
The starting point for this project was one of our own systems that later stopped being produced, the ExtraLab Champ. This system was only able to perform two tests: release torque and extraction of champagne corks and release torque and extraction of capsulated corks.

During the project the company AMORIM & IRM√OS, S.A. - RARO also expressed some interest in a similar equipment but only with the addition of another feature: test the rupture/break of capsulated corks between the plastic capsule and the cork stopper.

Taking into account the specifications and opinions of all the participants and also considering the sales potential to other clients, the project resulted in new product: the EGITRON ExtraLab Plus.

For more information go to the product page:
ExtraLab Plus

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