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Other Brands

To complete our product catalog, we have been making a few contracts with other companies /manufacturers, that we present below.

Sartorius - Balances.
Ultramicro and Micro Balances, Analytical Balances , Precision Balances, Pipette Calibration Balance, etc.


KPM - Moisture Meters and Accessories (Aqua-boy).
Devices and accessories for the measurement of moisture.


FINNA GROUP - Moisture Meters and Accessories.
Devices and accessories for the measurement of moisture.


ACRN - Seal testing products.
Quality control devices for the packaging industry. Vacuum and immersion sealing tests.


Mitutoyo - Calipers, gauges, comparators, readers, etc.
Devices and accessories for internal and external measurement, for thickness measurement, etc.


HANNA Instruments - Analytical instrumentation
Exposure meters, hygrometers, electrodes, stirrers, thermometers, temperature probes, turbidimeters, etc.


RAY-RAN - Test equipment to the Polymer Industry.
Devices to test polymers; force test systems; coefficient of friction; impact testing; melt flow indexer (MFI and MVR).


TESTO - Thermometers.
Devices to measure temperature for a wide variety of applications.


RAYPA - Incubators, ovens, autoclaves, thermostatic baths, etc.
Laboratory equipment and instrumentation.


GFL - Stirrers, water distillers, etc.
Laboratory equipment.

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