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Copyright Protection

The contents of this website and any other content sent by mail or delivered in connection with the site are owned by EGITRON and may not be reproduced without express permission from the company.
By "website content" we mean any information on this website, including brands, logos, text, images, audio material or video, unless they are from external sources and if so, should be properly identified as such.


EGITRON maintains this website for the purpose of providing our clients, partners and any interested person or entity, information about their products and services as well as its activities and initiatives.
EGITRON reserves itself the absolute right not subject to any kind of justification, of at any time, make changes and corrections, suspend, discontinue or terminate the website when it deems appropriate and for as long as it deems necessary for any technical reasons, administrative, force majeure or otherwise, and cannot be held responsible for such.

EGITRON will not be held responsible for hyperlinks to third party websites, nor the content thereof. These are provided throughout the site for user convenience and accessibility.
The user of this website agrees to indemnify EGITRON and exonerate EGITRON from liability from and against any claims presented by any third party, as well as from all obligations, damages and expenses related to the use of this site by the user, related to content that the user supplies this website with, related to any kind of user violation of third parties' rights and/ or any kind of infringement to the Terms of Use.

For additional information, please contact: info@egitron.pt

These Terms and Conditions were last updated on 26.02.10.

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