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EGITRON has come to be associated with various organisms with the purpose of participating and promoting the cooperation between companies and research centers that somehow may enhance the company's competitiveness, all in the name of Research and the consequent Technological Innovation.

In this section of the website we will present the various organisms that EGITRON is somehow associated to, as a partner or participant.

  • PRODUTECH, Production Technologies Center, is a network built by technology suppliers - of which EGITRON is a part of -, Portuguese entities of the scientific and technological system and other entities, and also the final users (technological centers and companies).

    PRODUTECH's strategy is Cooperation, Internationalization and Innovation in the name of Sustainable Development. This is achieved through the promotion of collaborative development of new production technologies; through the support of initiatives that encourage cooperation, through the establishment of a network of contacts and the promotion of partnerships with public or private organizations connected to the research field; through the organization of conferences and workshops and also by promoting the image and by enhancing Portuguese production technologies and Portuguese companies.
  • AEP, Portuguese Business Association has the mission of "Defending the Companies' interests and offer services that enhance their competitiveness". This organization provides services to the member companies, like EGITRON, on the following domains: fairs, exhibitions, conferences, information and business support, consulting, training, trade missions, business promotion and investment, defense of the interests of the members and their repesentation and also strengthening the role of business associations at national and international level.
  • CTCOR, Cork Technological Center, is a nonprofit research laboratory that conducts research in multiple areas: quality, environment, energy, technical and technological innovation, strategy, hygiene and safety at work, etc. and they also play an important role in the definitions of standards for the Portuguese cork industry. CTCOR has about 200 members, EGITRON being one of them with one participation unit.
  • CATIM, Technological Support Center for the Metalworking Industry, was created in 1986 and is a nonprofit private institution of public utility. Its mission is to contribute to the innovation and competitiveness of the metalworking sector through technical and technological support (by providing of services and knowledge). The institution count with hundreds of partners and EGITRON is one of them.
  • APCOR, Portuguese Cork Association, founded in 1956, has the main purpose of representing and promoting the Portuguese Cork Industry. More precisely, the association wants to promote and develop cork as a raw material of excellence, as well as its products. They achieve this through promotion actions and with the cooperation and participation of its associates.
    EGITRON signed a cooperation protocol with APCOR to create a professional interconnection of knowledge and resources.

With this section we intend to publicize the organizations, partnerships, etc., in order yo promote Cooperation, Research and Technological Innovation.

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