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Technical Specifications

  Hopper A24: stopper diameter: 18mm to 24mm
stopper length: 24mm to 38mm 
  Hopper A34 /guider O34: stopper diameter: 23mm to 34mm
stopper length: 38mm to 56mm 
  Stopper types: cylindrical natural cork, agglomerated and mixed
  Capacity: 350 stoppers 25x20 / 130 stoppers 48x30,5    
  Electric power supply: 230V AC 50Hz outlet type F (110V AC 60Hz optional)    
  Pneumatic power supply: 6-8 bar compressed air with a 6mm diameter outlet (only for O34)
  Dimensions: 710mm (W) x 450mm (P) x 1250mm (H)
  Weight: 30Kg

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