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Technical Specifications

  Bottle height: 100mm-500mm  
  Bottle bottom diameter (max.): 150mm  
  Internal bottleneck diameter: 10mm - 30 mm  
  Depth to control: 0mm - 55 mm (up to 75mm optional)      
  Reading steps of: 1mm; 2mm or 5mm      
  Measuring force: 1,1N – 1,6N      
  Resolution: 0,01mm      
  Type of measuring contact: (Ø) 1mm      
  Communication interface: RS232 (or USB via an external converter)      
  Electric power supply: 230V AC 50Hz electrical outlet type F (110V AC 60Hz optional)    
  Dimensions: 250mm (W) x 360mm (L) x 800mm (H)    
  Weight: 17,5Kg    


  • Control the machine
  • Data collection and storage
  • Statistical and graphical treatment of the collected values
  • Values can be shown in either millimetres or inches
  • Printable reports are configurable with the following items:
      - table with all the collected values
      - statistical table with maximum, minimum, mean and standard deviation
      - detailed bottleneck drawing
      - ovality graph and calculation for tests with only one bottle
      - conicity calculation (compared to the bottleneck top)
  • Data export to Microsoft Excel or to a text file
  • Summary reports in multiple languages: Portuguese, Spanish (Castilian), Catalan, English, French, Italian and German
  • Software available in Portuguese and English, compatible with Microsoft Windows 8 and previous operating systems

  test configuration   bottleneck graphic  

  collected values   graphic choice  

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