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Technical Specifications

    PerfiLab Portable-i   PerfiLab Portable-e  
  Bottle height (max.): 35mm - 360mm   35mm - 360mm   
  Bottle diameter (max.): 200mm   200mm   
  Bottleneck internal diameter: 10mm - 30mm   40mm (max)  
  Measuring depth: 0mm - 75mm   0mm - 80mm   
  Measuring force: 1,1N - 1,6N   1,0N - 1,5N   
  Resolution: 0,01mm   0,02mm   
  Power supply: one AA battery   one AA battery  
  Dimensions (WxLxH): 215mm x 190mm x 490-840mm   215mm x 190mm x 490-840mm  
  Weight: 5,8kg   5,5kg   
  • Digimatic data output interface with USB converter
  • Pedal switch
  • Software application to read values and print reports, available in Portuguese and English
  • Printing enabled in several languages 
  • Can be provided without base (for example to customers who have also purchased the ExtraLab Portable)

  aluminium case with foam protections
dimensions: 555mm (W) x 275mm (L) x 250mm (H)  
weight (PerfiLab Portable + case): 9,8kg / 9,5kg  
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