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Technical Specifications

  Bottle height: 230mm to 360mm  
  Cork length: up to 60mm  
  Stoppers / capsules diameter: 26mm to 35mm (other sizes optional)  
  Rotation speed: 2rpm to 5rpm  
  Maximum rotation amplitude: 270º  
  Torque measurement: [amplitude from 0 daN.cm to 100 daN.cm]
[resolution of 0,1 daN.cm]
[reading steps of 1º]
  Extraction / Insertion speed: 20 to 45 cm / minute  
  Extraction measurement: [amplitude from 0 daN to 100 daN]
[resolution of 0,1 daN]
[reading steps of 1mm] 
  Insertion measurement: [amplitude from 0 daN to 30 daN]
[resolution of 0,1 daN]
[reading steps of 1mm] 
  Communication interface: RS232 (or USB via an external converter)  
  Electric power supply: 230V AC 50Hz with electrical outlet type F (110V AC 60Hz optional)  
  Compressed air supply: operating pressure 6-8 bar with a 6mm diameter inlet  
  Dimensions: 520mm (L) x 490mm (P) x 1420mm (A)  
  Weight: 55Kg  
  • Control interface to command and monitor the equipment
  • Data acquisition and statistic calculations
  • Graphic display of results (maximum and individual values)
  • Calibration mode to reprogram new calibration curves
  • Summary reports in multiple languages
  • Data base for storage and retrieval of past tests
  • Data export to Microsoft Excel
  • Software available in Portuguese and English, compatible with Microsoft Windows 7 and previous operating systems
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