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Torque and Force Measurement

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Quality Control and Inspection

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Metal Detection and Foreign Bodies Detection

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Custom Development

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Software for Statistical Process Control

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Solutions for Quality Control and Inspection
We at EGITRON have the single purpose of helping our clients Inspect and Control the Quality of their products.

We offer devices and software for quality control and statistical process control but we also develop custom solutions such as industrial automation projects and custom software, particularly in the context of interconnection of devices and data acquisition, whether for production or laboratory.

Our solutions can be found in almost 40 countries and in several industrial sectors such as: cork, beverages, plastics, automotive and so on.

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At EGITRON, we care about our products.
Minebea Intec is celebrating a special anniversary this year.  Seventy years ago, one of company founders, Dr. Hans Boekels, not only founded the Boekels GmbH & Co. in Aachen and thus started an important part of company history, but also significantly advanced the development of metal detection.   No future without the past. Minebea Intec look back on exciting, multifaceted years and look fo...