Torque and Force Measurement

we supply superior test solutions at
affordable prices

Quality Control and Inspection

We develop and supply hardware and software for quality control and inspection

Metal Detection and Foreign Bodies Detection

high precision to
control various products

Software for Statistical Process Control

allows continuous improvement of manufacturing processes and clearly benefits quality consistency, productivity, product costs and customer satisfaction


Solutions for Quality Control and Inspection
EGITRON is a Portuguese industrial engineering and automation company whose main objective is to provide its customers with excellent solutions for the quality control and inspection of their products.

We have a vast catalog that ranges from quality control and statistical process control software to tailor-made industrial automation projects.

We intend with our solutions to serve, more than the wishes of the clients, the needs of the most diverse sectors of activity!

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Reacting to new market demands, EGITRON today launches a new image: cleaner, more appealing, dynamic and innovative design to better reflect what we really are. Starting today, we present ourselves with a logo that, in addition to the company name, includes a hexagonal shape with a stylized EGITRON \"E\". This figure is symbolic of the company's many facets, reflected in the wide range of produ...