PerfiLab Portable

Portable Bottleneck Measuring Device

Simple and portable device to control bottleneck diameters
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PerfiLab Portable


It’s available in two different models: the PerfiLab Portable-i for internal measuring and the PerfiLab Portable-e for external measuring. To facilitate its transportation, the height can be reduced to about half of its usual size. Optionally it can be provided with an aluminium transport case.

It’s a low-cost equipment and was developed to meet the mobility needs of both technical and sales staff of cork enterprises and wineries, providing bottleneck control anywhere. However it can also operate as laboratory equipment.

To control the measuring depth, PerfiLab has a ruler which allows the user the possibility to check and adjust the depth during the test.

The diameters are measured by Kröeplin digital gauges (G210 and B440), that have great accuracy and digital displays.

Besides reading the values from the digital gauge display, the users have the option of connecting it to a PC and import the values into a windows software application, providing better readings and the possibility of printing reports in multiple languages.

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