Visit from ANI to EGITRON

On June 17th ANI - National Innovation Agency, represented by its President, Eng. Eduardo Maldonado, made a visit to several companies, including EGITRON.
The visit was organized by the Câmara Municipal de Santa Maria da Feira and in addition to EGITRON were visited the companies AZEVEDOS INDÚSTRIA - MACHINERY AND EQUIPMENT, S.A. and CORK SUPPLY PORTUGAL, S.A ..

He was made aware of the current facilities and also the project for the future at EUROPARQUE, underlining the potential of space and EGITRON.
The projects in which we are involved were also presented, and a brief presentation was made for this purpose.

The visit ended with a Network Snack at Lago Restaurant, which was also attended by the Mayor of Santa Maria da Feira, Engº Emídio Sousa and APCOR Director Dr. Joaquim Lima.