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Lafitte Case Study

Implementation and follow-up of EGITRON Process Control. EGITRON Process Control is a software for Statistical Process Control.
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Lafitte is a cork company, created in 1918, in France. In 1956 its production operations were moved to Portugal, home to the largest cork oak forests in the world. Annually it produces and exports more than 400 million cork stoppers all over the world.

Its large-scale production process required a systematization that would provide greater daily effectiveness and efficiency, and the search for such a solution began in mid-2013.

Lafitte's main objectives included:

Lafitte's needs met the purpose of EGITRON Process Control and EGITRON's strong connection to the cork industry has facilitated the transition "from paper to digital". 

Our software has significantly improved Lafitte's production process, as it has provided a set of benefits to the company's production management and has leveraged it to enter Industry 4.0.

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