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EGITRON Process Control is being developed aiming the fulfilment of your most demanding requirements.

Process Control has built-in C, U, NP, P, XR, XS charts, Pareto Graphics, control cards, reports, dashboard and 3rd-party integrations as SAP or any other software with webservices capability.

EGITRON devices are connected to Process Control over Machine-To-Machine communication. All the data that our devices produce automatically flow to the system.


Any Industry, Any Environment
With our real-time analysis, we can help prevent your money waste. Process Control has built-in full traceability in order to help you improve your business and SMS notification and Follow technical in order to know in real-time what is doing.
Thinking forward
Process Control is ready for your most demanding request. Our products are being developed for Industry 4.0 with Industry Internet of Things in mind. Our Machine-To-Machine communication is guaranteed with MQQT service and all the network data flow by webservice communication with JSON and OAuth 2.0.
Fast, Focus and Efficient
Our product is prepared to be multi–language in order to help your operator to properly focus on its work. We care about User Interface and User Experience in order to improve the decision-making ability of the operator and so he doesn’t waste time finding what he really needs.

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