Advanced Force Gauges

Touchscreen digital force gauge

VFG is the most advanced touchscreen force gauge, powered by Vector OS.

A handheld instrument built for tough environments to deliver accuracy and reliability. Designed for tensile and compressive testing in the field or as part of a testing system for use in Production, QC and R&D labs.
A versatile handheld touchscreen instrument built for tough environments that delivers accuracy and reliability. Compatible with our range of external plug-and-play ‘Smart Sensors’ (using a Smart Adaptor) for a wide range of tension, compression and torsion testing.
Connects to our manual and motorised test stands for greater control of test conditions such as speed and force.
A dual-zone display has an upper region showing the peak readings in all common units, whilst the lower zone provides either a live graphical plot of the force or torque applied, to identify critical events, or a statistical overview of stored readings.