Bottle Impact Tester

The EGITRON Impact Tester provides a reproducible strength for measuring the impact resistance of glass containers.
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TIG was developed in order to:
  • Provide consistent and reliable testes of vessel impact resistance;
  • Be used as an assessment tool to identify potencial impact problems;
  • Monotorize the impact strenght of the container during production;
  • Be easy to use;
  • Give trustworthy results;


  • The impact level is ajustable from 0 to 22 inches (2.49N) of available energy;
  • Anti-friction needle bearing that provide precise alignment with minimal inertia;
  • Rigid, lightweight suspension that carries the pendulum so always aligned;
  • The head is designed so as to maximize the force applied on the container;
  • Stainless steel gutter that holds the rigid fragments of the container while the shell design eliminates interference with the test;
  • Steel counter-recoil with adjustable positioning guide;
  • Screw and crank that provide fast, accurate and reproducible height adjustment;
  • Deposit for fragmented glass, guaranteed greater cleaning.

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