PerfiLab Plus

Advanced Bottleneck Control System

It’s a new generation system to control bottlenecks. PerfiLab Plus was created to answer to the various challenges.
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PerfiLab Plus


PerfiLab Plus was created to answer to the following challenges:
  • control a wide range of bottle sizes;
  • capture of overall profile in just a few seconds;
  • it can be used with glass bottles before the annealing process;
  • user-friendly, intuitive and last generation interface, with Windows XP based environment, on a 12,1” touch screen;
  • easy integration of data collected from tests in higher levels of statistical process control;
  • ability to measure multiple planes with a 30º rotation interval till a maximum of 150º (e.g. at 0 and 90°);
  • automatic centering system thought the bottleneck.

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