Enterprise Service Bus

Enables the integration of the EGITRON Software Ecosystem
in the Digital Transformation of 4.0 Industries
Quotation   Technical Datasheet
  • Process automation;
  • Data standardisation;
  • Reduction of operational costs;
  • Increased productivity;
  • Reduction of rework;
  • Reprocessing flows.

Main features: 
  • Security: certified, encrypted and authenticated communication;
  • User-friendly environment: a revamped, intuitive and pleasant interface, allowing the user to perform more tasks with fewer clicks;
  • Technologically advanced: modern platforms developed under state of the art technology;
  • High level of support: structured and high availability customer support;
  • Modular: agile integration of functionalities and adapted to the client's needs;
  • Web application (Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, other).

Software Ecosystem

The EGITRON software ecosystem for quality control leverages Quality to a level never reached before. By integrating and expanding Quality into the manufacturing process, it is possible to bring value to the entire production chain, reducing waste, optimizing work times, and controlling the process faster and without losses.