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EGITRON was contacted by a plastic parts manufacturer with an unrivalled range of injection machines that distinguishes itself by its engineering solutions in the production of special plastic components. The quality control is of crucial importance to this company, due to the company’s quality policy but also to clearly demonstrate to the client the complete fulfillment of the requested requirements.

Project developed during the years 2010/2011.


Controlling a wide set of features
The challenge presented to EGITRON was connected to the need of controlling a wide set of features related to load resistance applied to two types of panels designed to be incorporated on a line of household products.

The main problems and difficulties related to this project were reated to the need to control a great number of features that needed specific test tools; minimizing setup times; simplifying the use; constrained time frame; and constrained budget given the extensive number of features to control.


As solution to the problem, EGITRON developed a testing system that respected all the requirements made by the client.


This project, the creation of a testing device for a plastic parts manufacturer , is an excellent example of EGITRON's capability when evaluating and gathering the client's requirements and needs and its also a great example of the company’s flexibility when implementing engineering solutions.

The product itself as it is, cannot be applied to other situations. However, the procedures related to the analysis and development and all the “know-how” acquired are the distinct differentiation factors for EGITRON when talking about the implementation of solutions for quality control systems, be it in a laboratory context or production floor.

EGITRON has many examples of this type of applications, even in its own devices and systems, with different levels of integration: hardware solutions designed and built completely from scratch, like the application described, as well as solutions that integrate modular systems programed by EGITRON for a specific purpose.


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