Microplásticos implements the new EPC software

Our client Microplásticos, which main activity is the production of high precision plastic components, mainly for the automotive industry, implemented our software EGITRON Process Control (EPC), for statistical process control, at the beginning of this year. 

It was not exactly a new implementation, but a migration from the old EGITRON SPC software, which Micropásticos had been using since 2013, to a new tool, with added features, more types of control charts and much more technologically advanced. 

We have also reinforced our connection with Microplásticos by establishing a partnership through. EGITRON benefits from its knowledge of the automotive industry and applicable international standards and has privileged access to its facilities for demonstrations to potential clients. 

Microplásticos, on the other hand, benefits from more advantageous commercial licensing conditions for the software, and early access to the product's new functionalities. 

Currently with 33 checkpoints in the two manufacturing units in Cova de Serpe and Gala, Figueira da Foz, it is planned to extend this implementation to the unit in Gliwice, Poland. 

Thank you Microplásticos for trusting in EGITRON!