EGITRON Quality Conference

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On 28 June, EGITRON held a Conference dedicated to Quality Control, which took place at the Hotel Solverde Spa & Wellness Center - Solverde Group.
The event was initiated by the Mayor of Espinho, Maria Manuel Cruz, a representative of the Mayor of Santa Maria da Feria, Carla Oliveira and the founding partner of EGITRON, Armindo Oliveira.
The day was divided into two key moments, with the morning's theme being Surface Treatment (of cork stoppers) and the afternoon's theme being Management of Measuring Equipment (EMMs). In both cases, the theme was addressed through interventions by companies from sectors of interest (with interventions by presentation and with a round table for debate), and an innovative solution was presented. Both demonstrated solutions were derived from research and innovation projects in consortium.

Regarding the Surface Treatment of cork stoppers and in order to contextualise the topic, presentations were made from the perspective of several companies that have daily contact with the problem. The morning part was therefore entirely aimed at the cork sector and was attended by APCOR, CTCOR, Cork Supply, Sogrape, Amorim Cork, Lafitte Cork and INESC TEC. In response to the problem, the Cork Surf LIBS solution was presented, an innovative device capable of measuring the thickness and composition of the cork stopper treatment using a high-intensity laser.

After lunch, the theme changed but the format of the event remained the same. The subject addressed was the Management of Measuring Equipment. This topic is already more comprehensive in terms of its applicability to industries, and representatives from Logoplaste, MICROpásticos, SOCORI, Eurospuma, Universidade do Minho and Catim were present as speakers. In the end, the innovative solution presented was SIMME, a software that determines the status of measuring equipment in real time.

The event was characterised by good humour, exchange of knowledge and perspectives, transmission of real corporate experiences and excitement. EGITRON is a company that has been operating in this sector for more than 30 years and many of its customers have become friends, have followed and supported EGITRON's path, just as EGITRON has followed theirs.

The documentary "Past, Present and Future" ( ) was broadcast with the aim of corroborating the essence of the path that EGITRON has taken and intends to take: initially, a company extremely linked to the cork sector, which is now able to respond to the needs of a wider range of industries, within the scope of Product and Process Quality Control, and whose future continues to reflect innovation and growth.

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