EGITRON has the pleasure to inform that it will coordinate the project PRECISIONCORK, a Research and Development project supported by the Portugal 2020 program.

The project PRECISION CORK - In-line Measurement and Control of Key Processes and Products Quality's Parameters, aims for the creation of a solution that allows on-line measurement and quality control of key process parameters for cork stoppers.

This solution will allow a radical change of current quality control practices in the production of cork stoppers.

With a standalone solution for in-line use with precise no-contact, non-destructive measurement systems that measure moisture, dimensions (diameter and length), mass, and evaluate surface treatment thickness and at the same time can send feedback to the production equipment, it will be possible to materialize a preventive and process control approach with the objective to have a higher quality in the final product.

This solution also allows the development of 'zero-defect' strategies and the implementation of robust traceability mechanisms.

In addition to EGITRON, this project counts with the participation of Azevedos Indústria, Cork Supply Portugal and INESC TEC.


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