In 2015, Sartorius Intec joined forces with the Minebea Group and since then a decision was taken: create a new brand and develop its introduction in the market.

As a “Certified Partner”, EGITRON has the pleasure to inform that on September 21st, Sartorius Intec achieved this goal and we can now show you the new logos of the MINEBE INTEC brand and of the Partnership Program. From this day onwards, these logos will be used on all our related communications.

Minebea Intec    Partnership program

Under the MINEBEA INTEC brand, we will continue to offer Solutions for the industrial weighing and product inspection sectors, such as: industrial scales, weighing platforms, tank weighing systems, checkweighers and foreign body detectors.

The launching of the MINEBEA INTEC brand also brings many improvements, starting with a big investment in the research and development area with the purpose of enlarging the range of devices and services and also the improvement of the Partnership Program that was redesigned to be completely oriented to the costumer’s needs.

These improvements reaffirm the commitment to lay a solid foundation for all business areas, as indicated by the company slogan “the true measure”.

See the attached informative letter (in Portuguese). 

Visite MINEBEA INTEC's website.


EGITRON has participated in the development of SARTORIUS INTEC since 2002, working as a “Certified Partner” since 2014 and formalizing this position in 2015.

On October 18th and 19th of this year, EGITRON representatives went to Siena, Italy, to participate in a MINEBEA INTEC partners meeting with the aim of cementing the transition and the vision for the future. 

At this meeting new agreements were signed to reaffirm EGITRON as a MINEBEA INTEC certified partner, improvements were presented as well as new strategies for the continuous growth of the brand. This will allow us to continue to offer our customers more and better solutions for the industrial weighing and product inspection sectors.

We are very pleased to keep our distribution of this range of products under the MINEBEA INTEC brand and we hope to continue to meet our customers’ needs.

If you have any questions or need more information about EGITRON and/or MINEBEA INTEC products, please contact us: