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Clinical Analysis Tube Screening (TACL) which was named by the RDT - Screening Robot.
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RDT is a device that allows the screening of clinical analysis tubes, separating the tubes according to the analyzes to be performed and the priority of those analyzes.

In terms of operation, the RDT was designed to be as simple as possible, simply by means of the operator configuring, through PC software, the desired function for each of the system modules, placing a rack with tubes to sort in the modules. A Rack with empty capsules in each of the Output modules and start the system. Based on the information passed by the management software, the RDT forwards each tube to the Rack corresponding to the next analysis to be performed. The cycle continues until all analyzes have been performed.

It is a system based on a concept of modularity (to allow customization based on the needs of each customer / user), simple mechanics (where maintenance / service is minimal) and at a cost price competitive with market solutions. . The main features, in addition to modularity, include the monitoring and maintenance console, the rack differentiating concept, the construction of the mat, the tube positioning system and the robustness and reliability of the reading units.

This project is further proof of EGITRON's technical ability and the excellent results that can be obtained through a symbiosis between the company and the customer!