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Composition and homogeneity analyzer of surface treatments by laser-induced plasma spectroscopy​
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Project CorkSurf
CorkSurf will provide a major evolution in the analysis of the surface treatment applied to the cork stoppers

The CorkSurf project mainly aims to improve the manufacture process and the preparation of the cork stoppers, upgrading its quality, by creating a new technologically advanced equipment. Because of this equipment, it will be possible to study and improve the cork stoppers surface treatment techniques and it will contribute to improve its position, in comparison with the alternative closures currently on the market. The equipment to be developed under this project will contain highly innovative, state-of-the-art technologies, by using artificial intelligence and concepts from the industry 4.0.

Main Results:
1: Optimized set of subsystems for collection, manipulation and evaluation of the treatment thickness and homogeneity of the treatment (Analysis system, 3D, Powering, Rotation and interface);
2: Statistical process control tool with multivariate diagnostic capability, by using Process Analytical Technology (PAT) tools and artificial intelligence for predictive control;
3: Integration and interoperability between the measurement system and the cork stopper treatment process (API's).