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Measurement and on-line control of key parameters and quality of cork stoppers
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PRECISIONcork will allow a radical change of current practices in quality control in the production of cork stoppers.

By promoting an autonomous on-line measurement of characteristic parameters inherent in the production of cork stoppers, such as: measurement of humidity, density, diameter, length and surface treatment of corks,
and consequent performance (closed loop control) involved, it will be possible to materialize a preventive approach and control of the process with a view to a higher quality in the final product

Allows the development of "zero-defect" strategies and also promotes the implementation
of robust traceability mechanisms It also allows us to satisfy legal and market requirements considered critical today

  • Development of non-destructive, non-contact measuring systems to automatically measure moisture, dimensions, mass and surface treatment quality
  • Real-time integration with production equipment
  • IoT applied to Industry 4.0 concepts
  • Development of a statistical process control application capable of trend analysis and interface with operators or third party softwar
  • In-line and real-time control of key process and quality parameters in cork stopper production and finishing
  • Defect prevention methods for improved end product quality
  • Self-tuning (closed-loop control) of production equipment, ensuring greater process stability and reduced variability against the characteristics to be controlled.
  • Quality control making it more efficient and cost effective

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