Filling Level Analysing System

It was developed essentially to analyze the filling level of all the bottles that go through the filling line.
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SANE is a system created to analyse the filling level of bottles. It has the capacity to analyse all the bottles that go through a filling line up to a maximum rate of 8000 bottles per hour.

With this system, besides accessing the filling level of the analysed bottles, it’s also possible to define filling levels for Pass/ Fail alarms, identify and expel bottles without a stopper and also measure the headspace.

After being correctly set up SANE can analyse multiple bottle types, with multiple degrees of transparency and various heights. The user will be able to access a set of statistical information to determine if the process is behaving correctly and also configure automatic emails that contain a summary of the production order that’s being analysed.

SANE can also be provided with accessories that will enable it to do the following: measure wine temperature and correct the levels, read bar codes, connect with a rejection system and establish a connection to the core software for information management (developed by EGITRON, please see the next page) so it can access all the production orders and apply filters to identify tendencies, detect problems and reduce waste.

Core Software for Information Management

History related to all the production orders analysed by SANE
With this software the user will be able to see all the information recorded in the database. This information includes the date, filling level, stopper length, headspace and an additional set of data associated to each bottle (such as: production batch, type of product, type of bottle, etc.). The user will be able to filter the production orders by parameters such as: date, batch, bottle type, wine type and production line (in case there is more than one SANE in the acquisition process). After this step the results graphic is automatically shown to the user as well as the individual values of all the analysed bottles and also a set of statistical data: average, standard deviation, maximum, minimum, cp and cpk.
Main features
Listing of all the analysed production orders that can be filtered by a set of available parameters. Identification of the total number of analysed bottles and of the number of compliant and non-compliant bottles. Listing of the individual data of all the analysed bottles (stopper length, level, headspace, etc.). Calculation of statistical parameters: minimum, average, standard deviation, cp and cpk. Ability to export to Excel (the information to export is set by the user). User “supervisor” can change several parameters (bottle types, rejection limits, wine types, etc.), these changes will be replicated in all SANE systems that are connected to the network.

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