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PerfiLab Plus was created to answer to the following challenges:

- control a wide range of bottle sizes;
- capture of overall profile in just a few seconds;
- it can be used with glass bottles before the annealing process;
- user-friendly, intuitive and last generation interface, with Windows XP based environment, on a 12,1” touch screen;
- easy integration of data collected from tests in higher levels of statistical process control;
- ability to measure multiple planes with a 30º rotation interval till a maximum of 150º (e.g. at 0 and 90°);
- automatic centering system thought the bottleneck.

Technical Features

Bottle bottom diameter (max.) 120mm
Internal bottleneck diameter 13 to 35 mm
External bottleneck diameter 25 to 39mm
bottle height 100 to 360 mm
Depth to control 0,1 to 80 mm
measuring tips made of high performance plastic material
vertical movement activated by an electrical axis
depth interval between readings 0,04 mm
diameter measurement resolution 0,01mm
depth maximum permissible error ±0,1mm
diameter maximum permissible error ±0,05mm (result while measuring the calibrated standard with interior slope of 7%)
Size (W x D x H) 680 x 505 x 900mm (w/ Pc arm fully stretched)
Weight 35Kg
Software Storage and query of performed tests. Display unit: millimeters or inches. Filter, query, add and delete tests in the main software window. Delete and repeat bottle values previously collected Select the test resolution (0,5; 1; 2; 5mm) Method for metrological verification of the equipment Possible to collect diameter values at: 0º; 0º - 90º; 0 - 30º - 60º - 90º - 120º - 150º; etc. Printable reports are configurable with the following items: table with all the collected values; statistical table with maximum, minimum, mean and standard deviation; detailed drawing with the ability to view the toleration profiles for the bottleneck in question; bottleneck drawing with the option of choosing the scale; ability to add up to two images to the print reports;bottleneck ovality graph. Export data to Excel files. Print reports in multiple languages. Software available in Portuguese and English.


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