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CITCORK CR Corking: Without
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CITCORK SR Corking: With
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CITcork was developed to focus on the important variables related to the corking, allowing great configurability (speed, position, data acquisition). It was also thought to be a very simple, and yet reliable system to be used either in laboratory or factory floor environments.

This new system should allow the following test types: compression followed by insertion; compression followed by recovery analysis; compression followed by relaxation analysis; and compression followed by expulsion. This can be performed to multiple types of cork stoppers: natural, agglomerated and for champagne.

It also has the option of corking bottles and an optional module to acquire the mass of each cork stopper through the use of a weighing scale.

Technical Features

Stoppers length 32 to 54mm (for other sizes, please ask EGITRON)
Stoppers diameter 22 to 31mm (for other sizes, please ask EGITRON)
(Compression) Jaws closing diameter 15 to 17mm / resolution: 0,1mm
(Compression) Maximum force 2.000 daN
(Compression) Adjustable speed 100 to 240 cm/min
(Compression) Results presentation: Force vs Diameter force resolution: 0,7daN diameter resolution: 0,1mm acquisition rate: 2kHz
(Insertion) Puncture stop position configurable in a range of 35mm [-5 to +30mm] (the negative values are referring to the path below the jaws) resolution: 0,1mm
(Insertion) Maximum force 300 daN
(Insertion) Adjustable speed 500 to 1500 cm/min
(Insertion) Results presentation: Force vs Depth of puncture force resolution: 0,1daN depth resolution: 1mm acquisition rate: 1kHz
(Relaxation) Jaws opening diameter for relaxation configurable from 15 to 20mm / resolution: 0,1mm
(Relaxation) Relaxation position standby time up to 1h
(Relaxation) Time between readings from 0,6s
(Relaxation) Results presentation: Force vs Elapsed Time force resolution: 0,1daN
(Optional - Corking) Bottle height (max) 370 mm (magnum)
(Optional - Corking) Bottle diameter (max.) 130 mm
4 GAI prismatic guide studs made of stainless steel
user interface touch screen environment, based on Windows 10
Interfaces TCP/IP connection (Ethernet or wireless IEEE 802.11g), USB port
Electric power supply 230Vac 50Hz with type F socket
Compressed air supply 6-8 bar w/ input for 8mm tube
Size (W x D x H) 1170 x 570 x 1710mm (plus 230mm of width with the mass module)
Weight (approx.) 200Kg
Software Command and monitor the equipment. Real time presentation of results in numerical and graphical form. Calibration mode with automatic calculation of the curves’ coefficients from the experimental and/ or reference values table. Ability to create summary reports in multiple languages. Local database for storage and retrieval of tests results. Possibility to access data remotely or integrate information with other applications (Ex: EGITRON SPC Pro, EGITRON ControLab). Export data to Microsoft Excel. Software available in Portuguese and English, compatible with Microsoft Windows 10 and previous operating systems (on request). User manual available in Portuguese and English.


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