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MEDCAP Cork stopper type: cylindrical; natural cork; agglomerated; mixed
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MEDCORK Cork stopper type: cylindrical; natural cork; agglomerated; mixed
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Among the many advantages of these systems we would like to call your attention to one in particular: the elimination of the manual handling of measuring devices which prevents the user errors usually related to this operation.

We would also like to highlight the possibility of increasing the autonomy of these systems by using them together with the cork feeding systems developed by EGITRON: SAS, SMA and SAR.

Besides this, they are supplied with software, developed in Windows environment, to control the systems and for data acquisition.

Fully automatic

  • Reliability and reproducibility
    Independence from the operator
    Interaction w/ feeding systems
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Rigorous and adaptable

  • Meets strict metrological techniques
    Meets existing standards
    For laboratory or production
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Includes software

  • Data acquisition and storage in DB
    Statistical treatment of the collected data
    Connection/Export (SPC Pro, ControLab and Excel)
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Technical Features

Cork stopper type cylindrical cork, either natural, agglomerated, mixed or synthetic (and capsulated with MedCap)
Cork stopper diameter 18mm to 35mm (± 1mm) (15mm with optional tube)
Cork stopper length 25mm to 60mm (±1 mm)
Resolutions Indicators with 0,01mm Digital scale with 0,01g Moisture meter with 0,1% HR
Capacity 160 stoppers / hour (length, 2 diameters, weight and moisture)
Communication interface RS232 (USB with an external adapter)
Electric power supply 230V AC 50Hz type F socket (110V AC 60Hz optional)
Pneumatic power supply 6-8 bar compressed air with a 8mm diameter outlet [consumption: 0.037m3 (in a test with 32 stoppers in a position of diameter and moisture)]
Size (Ø x H) 620 x 750mm
Weight 65Kg


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