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Model Specs. Technical
SAR T32 Cork stopper type: cylindrical; natural cork; agglomerated; mixed
Tubes Diameter (mm): 32
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SAR T40 Tubes Diameter (mm): 40
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The Circular Feeding System (SAR) is a rotating feeder built by a set of tubes inside which cork stoppers from several lots are manually inserted. The purpose of the SAR feeding system is to automatically feed the MedCork system, increasing its autonomy.

It’s constructed by a metal structure with a tube indexing system, placed on a rotary structure and controlled by a programmable logic controller.

The tests are made sequentially and it is possible to feed samples from several lots (from different cork types and sizes).

Technical Features

Structure circular structure made by 30 tubes, 480mm high
Cork stopper diameter (cylindrical) 22 to 35mm (for other cork stopper types, please ask EGITRON)
Controlled by a programmable logic controller allowing SAR to be operated from MedCork’s interface software or independently through manual override
Supplied with touch-screen console
Electric power supply 230V AC 50Hz type F socket (110V AC 60Hz optional)
Pneumatic power supply 6-8 bar compressed air with a 6mm diameter outlet (only for O34)
Size (W x D x H) 750 x 490 x 1500mm
Weight 40Kg
(OPTIONAL) circular structure made by 30 tubes, 480mm high, for cork stoppers with diameters from 18 to 22mm


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