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Cork Control replaces Controlab, giving a new and more efficient response to quality control
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Built on the new programming paradigms, CorkControl replaces Controlab, giving a new and more effective response to quality control, through a set of highly innovative new features.

All the knowledge of Controlab is included, adding the Control Models aspect that allows you to enhance your product and optimize the employees' working times.

All EGITRON hardware products will remain included in CorkControl through the iIoT (industrial Internet of Things) approach to automatic acquisition.


• Security: encrypted and SSL certificate webservices

• Friendly environment: a renewed, more intuitive and more pleasant user interface, allowing you to perform more tasks with fewer clicks

• Modular: complete integration of several modules in a single program

• Ease of analysis and processing of stored data: access to information relating to reports in an efficient, simple way, and with great ease of integration and information sharing

• Multi-language environment: the software is available in Portuguese, English, French and Spanish, however, given the ease of translation into the language you want, it is possible for several users to work in different languages

• Controlled access: different levels of permissions defined by user and protected by password

• Agile database: ease of use of data stored by third party software, such as Microsoft Excel or ERP software




CorkControl is ready for your most demanding request. Our products are being developed for Industry 4.0 with Industry Internet of Things in mind. Our Machine-To-Machine communication is guaranteed with MQTT service and all the network data flow by webservice communication with JSON and OAuth 2.0.


With our dynamic reports you can control your product and issue a report with your data, personalized by you. CorkControl has built-in full traceability in order to help you improve your business.


Our product is prepared to be multi–language in order to help your operator to properly focus on its work. We care about User Interface and User Experience in order to improve the decision-making ability of the operator and so he doesn’t waste time finding what he really needs.