EGITRON To Machine

Automatic Data Acquisition

It allows the automatic acquisition
of all machines in a single interface. 
Quotation   Technical Datasheet
  • Maximisation of automatic acquisition;
  • Integration of Automatic Acquisition;
  • Reduction of employee time in acquisition;
  • Reliability of measured values;
  • Excel files export;
  • Productivity increase;
  • Rework reduction;
  • Better use of resources;
  • Increased operational efficiency;
  • Cost savings;
  • Consistent production and quality.

Main Features: 
  • Security: encrypted and authenticated communication;
  • User-friendly environment: an intuitive and pleasant user interface, allowing you to perform more tasks with fewer clicks;
  • Technologically advanced: modern and scalable platforms;
  • High level of support: structured and highly available customer support;
  • Modular: integration of functionalities adapted to customer needs;
  • Ease of analysis and processing of stored data: access to information relating to reports in an efficient and simple manner, with great ease of information integration and sharing;
  • Controlled access: different levels of permissions defined per user and user and protected by password;
  • Full traceability and flexibility;
  • Multi-language: available in Portuguese and English;
  • Web application (Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, other);
  • Data export: Excel;
  • Integration: easy integration of other software through API; import and synchronisation of master data with ERP (SAP, M3, etc).