Cordyp Project approved by QREN

Cordyp is a project promoted by Azevedos Indústria SA and co-promoted by EGITRON, Multiwave Photonics SA and INOV and it has now received the final approval by QREN / NSRF (Quadro de Referência Estratégico Nacional - National Strategic Reference Framework).

The main purpose of the Cordyp Project is to create a technologic solution to print in cork based materials, more precisely in natural cork stoppers. 
The developed technology will be based on top generation LASER technology and it will allow the product to be "marked" without any kind of contact.

What's really pioneering about this project is the fact that with this technology it will be possible to choose what to print in a completely flexible and real-time way and with no product quantity limit. This will surpass every limitation that exists in the traditional printing/marking process. This dynamic printing feature will allow the implementation of traceability mechanisms never seen before in this industry. 

The project is funded by the NSRF's Incentive Scheme for Research and Technological Development.