Launching of the Portable versions of ExtraLab and PerfiLab

Being a cutting edge company, EGITRON is always trying to bring new products to the market always with the purpose of providing our clients the right tools for their business development.

Is because of this that we are now proud to present three new portable devices:
  • ExtraLab Portable: Device that calculates the force required to extract a cork stopper from the bottle at the same time that provides information that indicates if the stopper was submitted or not to an appropriate treatment.
  • PerfiLab Portable: Available in two versions: the PerfiLab Portable-i, to measure the bottleneck's inside diameter, providing important data to assess possible cases of improper sealing and also to assist the user with the stopper selection and the PerfiLab Portable-e to measure the bottleneck's outside diameter, helping the user with the appropriate cap selection.