EGITRON adopts new slogan and repositions itself in the market

EGITRON, world leader when it comes to the development and supply of hardware and software for quality control and inspection for the cork industry, has now adopted a new slogan: “we care about your products” and has also repositioned itself in the market with the sole purpose of expanding its activities to other industrial fields.

At the same time and helping this strategic change, EGITRON launches the first stage of its new webpage.

This new direction that the company is now heading was started in 2007 but this transformation of institutional image was only possible in 2010, after EGITRON had conquered clients in different industrial sectors, such as the automotive industry, the food and drinks industry and the pharmaceutical industry.

The main booster for EGITRON is the innovation spirit which can be proved by its current involvement in two QREN projects. Having as its core the development of top notch solutions allied to the quality of its products and the perpetual dedication to its clients, EGITRON provides quality control and statistical process control solutions (as software or hardware). If the market standard solutions don’t meet the clients’ expectations, EGITRON has the appropriate expertise to create, design and develop client oriented solutions.

This flexibility and coverage of solutions would not be possible without the support of renowned brands, which EGITRON represents, in the quality control field such as Mecmesin (force and torque testing products); Sartorius (balances/ scales, checkweighers, metal detectors and X-Ray Inspection); Food Technology Corporation (food texture testing systems); Kroeplin (precision measurers for length and thickness ); Kern (balances, force, torque, thickness, hardness, etc.); Hecht (positioning and measuring tables), and so on.

By adopting this strategy, and considering its almost 20 years expertise, EGITRON aspires to be a renowned company in the quality control field and in the statistic process control field, with solutions that can be adapted to any sector.