EGITRON takes ColepCCL representatives to MAHLE and to Amorim Cork Composites

EGITRON was asked by the ColepCCL company if it was possible to see some of EGITRON's projects in action and in detail. This request was granted and EGITRON organized a visit to the facilities of two of its clients that use, in a everyday basis, projects that are a real representation of EGITRON's skills.

At MAHLE, the ColepCCL entourage had the opportunity of seeing in action a quality control laboratory software developed by EGITRON to control motor segments, capable of being connected and acquiring data from several devices.

At Amorim Cork Composites, the ColepCCL entourage had contact with a wider project, involving hardware and software. For this company, EGITRON developed measuring tables for cork planks and integrated the data acquired from these devices with data from the production control, the statistic process control and from the product orders.

It was an interesting event and it will be repeated when appropriate. It allowed ColepCCL to have direct contact with projects developed by EGITRON and to hear our client's opinion directly from them.