PerfiLab Pro: new software version

PerfiLab Pro is PerfiLab’s interface software newest version. It was developed to work together with the PerfiLab equipment.

This new version is, without a doubt, an improved version, with a new set of sparkling new features added to the already existing ones. These new features are going to certainly improve your bottle control and will allow you to explore your PerfiLab to the fullest.
  • Total compatibility with the newest OS: Windows Vista and Windows 7;
  • Select the measuring unit (Millimeters or Inches): with this new feature you can now choose in which measuring unit you want to view or print your test results;
  • Ovality graphic improvement – main report integration and allusion to all bottles: before it was only possible to view the ovality graphic if the test had only one bottle. With this new version that has changed and it’s now possible to have ovality graphics in tests with more than one bottle. Seeing as the majority of all tests require the measurement of a number of bottles, this new feature makes it all so much easier, convenient and useful;
  • New verification features allow for single diameter readings at pre-determined depths: ‘Single diameter readings at pre-determined depth’ is just an example of the new verification features;
  • Searching, viewing and grouping tests has improved considerably: access tests that are saved in the database, filter them between two dates, create, save and delete them is now much easier and convenient. It’s also possible to filter by CLIENT, SUPPLIER and CODE;
  • User-friendly interface, more intuitive and aesthetically more appealing;
  • Other small improvements: it’s possible to insert up to two images/ logos in the print report, etc.

Without a doubt, at EGITRON, we care about your products.

If you are interested in the product or if you have any question or doubt, contact us.