2nd Word Cork Congress

The 2nd Word Cork Congress is taking place today, September 30 at the Champalimaud Foundation, Lisbon. 

This initiative aims to promote the discussion about the sector key issues and also to reveal paths and solutions to maintain the cork industry in the way to progress and to continue to show its social, economic and environmental importance. For this it rellies on the presence and testimony of a number of distinguished speakers, national and international, which are experts in different areas related with the theme.

This event was brought together by the following entities APCOR (Associação Portuguesa da Cortiça / Portuguese Cork Association), C.E.Liège (Confédération Européenne du Liège / European Cork Confederation), UNAC (União da Floresta Mediterrânica / Union of the Mediterranean Forest) and Filcork (Associação Interprofissional da Fileira da Cortiça / The Interprofessional Association for the Cork Industry). 
For more information about the congress please visit the following page:
2º Congresso Mundial do Sobreiro e da Cortiça / 2nd World Cork Congress