EGITRON becomes maecenas of carbon sequestration project

Parque Biológico de GaiaThe project “Confie no Parque Biológico de Gaia o sequestro de Carbono” (Rely on Gaia Biological Park for the Carbon Sequestration) was created by the Empresa Municipal Parque Biológico de Gaia (Municipal Company of the Gaia Biological Park), following the principles of the Kyoto Protocol and the “One Billion trees for the Planet” campaign, included in the United Nations Environment Programme.

The main objective is the acquisition and forestation of 23 hectares of land until 2012, attaching them to the 35 hectares already established by the Park.

The contribution is made through the acquisition of square meters of forest area (€50/m2) in which each square meter corresponds to an average of 4kg of carbon, per year, removed from the atmosphere. This price includes the land acquisition, it’s forestation and it’s conservation through an indefinite amount of time by the Gaia Biological Park.

The distinctive characteristic of this project is the fact that it doesn’t resume itself to the plating of tree as most similar campaigns do, it adopts a larger cause by “acquiring land and installing forests with a permanent characteristic”.

By the end of 2008, EGITRON became one of the patrons of this project by purchasing 4 square meters. They received a “certificate and guarantee of carbon sequestration” and also the satisfaction of helping an important cause and having the opportunity of seeing the contributions being actively applied.

What is Carbon Sequestration and why it's important.

Carbon Sequestration is the name given to “the removal of carbon dioxide (CO2) from the atmosphere by placing it elsewhere”.

Through the photosynthesis, the plant or tree uses water and solar energy to transform atmospheric CO2 molecules into molecules that it uses to develop itself. The CO2 is decomposed, the carbon is stored and the oxygen released to the atmosphere.

The important paper of the forests resumes itself to their capacity of “retaining and storing the carbon” throughout decades or even centuries. In average, each hectare of forest removes about 200 tons of CO2 per year from the atmosphere. This is equivalent to the pollution generated by 20 small cars in the same time period.

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