Mecmesin launches MultiTest-xt

MultiTest-xt, force test systemsMecmesin, represented in Portugal by EGITRON, has recently launched in the market its new range of force test systems, the MultiTest-xt. It can be said that these new machines, with their touch-screens and new features, are an improved version of their predecessors, the MultiTest-x, which they have come to replace.

Like the previous models, these are simple systems, created to be operated with minimum training and suitable for production routine testing and quality control, they are intended for a wide variety of products, materials and components. The range capacity of all models goes from 1000N to 50,000N. Due to its touch-screen and because it doesn't need a computer, this system is perfect for the production floor, which doesn't mean it can't be used in a laboratory.

Easiness of use and the need of very little training can be proved by the fact that the machine can be activated with just a few screen touches, starting the force tests quickly and with precision. Besides that, there's also a color code that helps when identifying the test results of “PASS” or “FAIL” and it also helps with the following sample selection, which becomes quick and doubtless.

Identifying the test results of “PASS” or “FAIL”In order to make the test options selection even faster, it's possible to easily have access to the "5 favorite tests", meaning the five most commonly used. The menu selection is simple and immediate, making the intuitive learning easier for the operator.

The collected information is presented on the screen, graphically or in a table. Graphically it's possible to browse through the collected data for the quick observation and identification of changes in the sample performance. The possibility of presenting the data in table form is helpful when comparing different tests.

Standard and customizable reports are made available, they can be stored on the console or exported. Unlimited test numbers can be created and saved in the MultiTest-xt, allowing the administrators the possibility of changing the tests settings to follow their actual and future needs.

TouchscreenPassword protected areas exist with the purpose of separating administrators from the remaining operators, preventing accidental changes to the test programs. These test programs are divided in three modules: ‘Quick Test’ for basic force tests; ‘Program Test’ for standard test routines; and ‘Advanced Test’ for more sophisticated routines.

In short, the MultiTest-xt is an easy to use force test system, quite versatile and was specifically created to environments were quick product processing, productivity and the reduction of training time are all vitally important.

For more information go to the product page.