Mecmesin launches Vortex-xt

Vortex-xt touch-screen controlled torque systemAlways innovating and improving constantly its test systems range, Mecmesin (a United Kingdom based company, represented in Portugal by EGITRON) has recently launched on the market its newest developed product, the Vortex-xt touch-screen controlled torque system.

The Vortex-xt as well as the MultiTest-xt force test system, was specially developed with the purpose of reducing costs, improve production line efficiency and reduce waste. 

Has the funcionality of clockwise and counterclockwise torque testing, quickly measures the stripping torque, the opening and closing torque with the possibility of being adapted to test child resistant closures. This system can be used in the quality control of multiple products belonging to multiple industries, such as packaging, pharmaceutical, aerospace, automotive, etc.       

The Vortex-xt is an excellent solution for engineers that need to measure clockwise and counterclockwise torque when developing and manufacturing rotary components.

TouchscreenIts capacity range goes from 0,3N.m to 10N.m. Because of its touch-screen and because it doesn't need a computer, this system is perfect for the production floor, which doesn't mean it can't be used in a laboratory.

By focusing on the easiness of use, speed and efficiency, it's possible to operate the Vortex-xt with minimal training, with the results being presented immediately and also being easily identifiable. This is possible thanks to its integrated touch-screen that allows the starting of tests with just a few screen touches and also clearly shows, through a predefined color code, what's the result of each test: “PASS” or “FAIL”. 
 About the ways of presenting the collected information, the users can choose between viewing the information graphically or in a table. 

Result: “PASS” or “FAIL”Besides that, a password protected log in was implemented as well as different access levels (“operators” and “administrators”). These allow the Administrators to easily program test routines and to customize reports and avoids accidental changes to the test programs settings by the less experienced operators. These test programs are divided by three modules: ‘Quick Test’ for basic tests; ‘Program Test’ for standard test routines; and ‘Advanced Test’ for more sophisticated routines.

In short, the Vortex-xt is a torque test system, quite versatile and customizable, with a great degree of operational simplicity, it performs complex tasks quickly and efficiently and it's therefore essential for the quality control of many products in multiple industries.

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