The importance of metal detection for the cork and wine industries

Metal detection for the cork and wine industries

Foreign Body Detection, namely metal detection, has the purpose of safeguarding the security of everyone involved in the process: cork stoppers' manufacturers, wineries and consumers. Metal detection can prevent machinery problems on the cork stoppers' production line as well as on the winery bottling line.

Stoppers contaminated with metal
There are countless factors that can contribute to the emergence of pieces of metal in cork stoppers. From the lead shots from hunting that easily become lodged in the bark when it's still on the tree to the pieces of metal that are embedded in the cork during the manufacture process.

With an appropriate metal detection system, placed on the final stage of the stoppers preparation, or when receiving the stoppers at the wineries, you get the assurance of not bottling wine with metal embedded cork.

Pieces of metal with about 1mm can be detected, depending of the size and sensitivity of the detection head and the type of metal. This way complaints are avoided as well as interruptions on the bottling lines, customers trust is increased, the credibility of the product is improved, the machines' durability is assured and the security of the customer increases.

These are the reasons why EGITRON, an engineering and industrial automation company that develops and sells software and hardware for quality control and inspection, has the pleasure to announce the expansion of its products range with these new Sartorius solutions.

Sartorius mechatronics
Sartorius, mechatronics
Now and through the partnership with the German manufacturer Sartorius, EGITRON has the possibility of supplying its clients with weighting and measuring equipment as well as automation technology for laboratory and industrial applications. For the cork industry we would like to highlight from this broad range the control and inspection systems, more precisely the dynamic checkweighers, the metal detectors and the combined systems.

Dynamic checkweighers and metal detectors

Checkweighers and metal detectors
The dynamic checkweighers allow the selection, classification, integrity control and optimization of predefined product quantities.
The metal detectors by meeting the highest security parameters and localizing the tinniest metallic particles, guarantee that the manufactured products are completely metal free.
The combined systems (a combination of a checkweigher and a metal detector) is an incredibly valued tool for the production line, because it will result in higher control parameters with less investment and less occupied space.

Place metal detectors outside the counting machines or the cork stoppers packaging machines
Customized solutions
Examples of some standard applications of these systems are the placement of metal detectors outside the counting machines or the cork stoppers packaging machines, or even before the corks enter the bottling line.

Despite this broad system range, the client usually needs a more specific solution, a customized solution. It's here that EGITRON makes a difference, by working together with the client searching the best solution. This usually means that the standard system settings may need to be altered or, for example, it can also result in the conception of transportation systems according to the client's production line.

Azevedos Indústria
In addition to the Sartorius partnership, EGITRON also counts with the collaboration of Azevedos Indústria when the manufacture of mats is concerned, as well as on the analysis and layout modifications.