KPM Aqua-boy Moisture Meters – sales and repair / adjustments

With the objective of always keeping our clients informed about all the products as well as all the projects and technical services EGITRON can provide, we thought it would be an appropriate time to once again talk about all the services we can provide to all the users/owners of Aqua-boy moisture meters.

Throughout its activity, EGITRON has studied in depth how Aqua-boy moisture meters work. This was due to the necessity of integrating these devices with some EGITRON products (hardware and software).

This study has resulted in an extensive knowledge about how this devices work, which has allowed us to offer several technical services, namely repair services, reading adjustments and data output implementation.
  • Technical assistance and repair services
The experience gathered over the years, allows EGITRON to ensure technical assistance and repair services to these measuring devices (glass replacement, cables and accessories repair, etc.).
  • Verify and adjust values
Besides selling these hygrometers, we can also offer patterns/ references /standards to check if they are measuring correctly and within specifications.
In addition and always that it's deemed necessary, our knowledge about these devices allow us to offer a supplementary service of pre-calibration, to adjust readings/values.
  • Output data implementation
We have the resources and the knowledge necessary to add a data output on the Aqua-boy moisture meters. We have started performing this operation due to the need of automating the data collection and importing it to quality control and statistical process control software (requires communication interface - InterLab).  

With the announcement of these services we have shown once again our ability to offer global solutions to the quality control field. 

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