New product: CITcork

CITcork, was created to study the behavior of any kind of cork stopper (natural, agglomerated and for champagne) in real bottling conditions. This is made by analyzing the cork stopper behavior throughout the compression, insertion and relaxation actions.

It performs the following tests:
  • compression followed by insertion
  • compression followed by recovery analysis
  • compression followed by relaxation analysis
  • compression followed by expulsion

Developed with today's most advanced control technologies, the cork stopper's suppliers and bottlers have at their disposal a new machine that allows, in a very simple and flexible way, to study important cork stoppers parameters in real bottling conditions: elasticity, recovery, treatment, insertion, simulation of the cork stopper inside the bottle, etc. It's possible to guarantee better quality in their cork stoppers, prevent customer complaints and predict problems when bottling, sealing and extracting cork stoppers.

It was created to be used either in laboratory or factory floor conditions.
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