EGITRON presents EGITRON SPC Pro at ISQ in Grijó

First, EGITRON would like to thank all the people who intervened and made this opportunity possible. 

On January 25th 2013, EGITRON presented the EGITRON SPC Pro software to the class of Quality Engineering Specialization at ISQ - Instituto de Soldadura e Qualidade (Welding and Quality Institute), in Grijó.

This event was the result of a previous contact made by EGITRON in order to collaborate with ISQ through training initiatives framed within the SPC course.

During the event EGITRON was presented, its projects and product, more precisely the EGITRON SPC Pro software. The potential of this statistic process control tool was shown in more detail and also its implementation on different industries. At the end of the event a little debate was promoted to answer any question that may have arisen. 

EGITRON is constantly collaborating with learning institutions with the purpose of sharing knowledge and real life business experiences with students in training. This is why EGITRON is always available to answer future invitations to visit or present in other learning institutions. 

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