EGITRON signs an agreement with the LOGOPLASTE Group to supply EGITRON SPC Pro to all units in Portugal and the extension to Spain

EGITRON is proud to announce that, last January, a software supply agreement has been signed with the LOGOPLASTE group. 

This agreement consisted in EGITRON supplying the EGITRON SPC Pro software (Statistical Process Control software) to all 18 units of the LOGOPLASTE group present in Portugal. 

At the moment, the whole process is practically concluded. The installation in all 18 units is complete, leaving only a few details to settle and a few training courses to perform. 

Because LOGOPLASTE is a group of national and international reference where manufacturing plastic packaging is concerned (having physical presence in 18 countries), this project is extremely important for EGITRON and demonstrates the quality of our products and services. 

In addition to the recognition and pride for being selected by a group of this dimension and prestige, we must emphasize that we entered this partnership with great commitment, dedication and responsibility. We believed that this agreement would be greatly beneficial to both companies and our goal was to work hard to make it into one more success case. 

The fruits of this work and commitment can somehow already be verified by the satisfaction shown by the client and by the fact that this agreement was extended for the LOGOPLASTE units installed in Spain.

We are already preparing the whole process to begin the installations in Spain. 

On another note, since the signing of the agreement in January, EGITRON SPC Pro as already been ordered by a few big companies from the Plastics Sector. They elected EGITRON SPC Pro as their favorite to perform their Statistical Process Control. 

For more information about the EGITRON SPC Pro software, please go to the product page.

For more information about LOGOPLASTE, please go to their website: