IKEA Industry (Swedwood) visits Amorim Revestimentos and confirms the advantages of the SPC Pro

Today, the 25th of November 2013, EGITRON had the pleasure of receiving a visit from the representatives of IKEA Industry (Swedwood). 
IKEA Industry, known before as Swedwood, manufactures furniture and belongs to the IKEA group. 

The visit took place in the facilities of Amorim Revestimentos and it aimed to give the opportunity to IKEA Industry to observe on site the application of the EGITRON SPC Pro software, software for statistical process control. 

IKEA Industry representatives had the opportunity to confirm the applicability of the EGITRON SPC Pro software and its various features. They also had the chance of receiving the direct opinion of the users. 

This sort of events were already organized before with other companies and we think these are very interesting and are also a great way of showing the true applicability of EGITRON products. 

These events allow our clients to have direct contact with the products and projects developed by EGITRON. They also allow the direct testimony of the current users. 

EGITRON will always be open to organize these visits always in the benefit of better information for the clients. 

For more information about IKEA Industry (Swedwood), please go to the group’s page at:

For more information about the EGITRON SPC Pro software please visit the product page.