Positive Evaluation of the EGITRON SPC Pro Software Applicability

The EGITRON SPC Pro Software was always considered to be a powerful and effective tool for statistical process control by EGITRON and by its clients/users. But in order to legitimate our opinion and the generalized opinion of our clients, it was decided to submit the software to an evaluation by a certified entity.

Following this decision EGITRON asked CATIM (Centro de Apoio Tecnológico à Indústria Metalomecânica – Technological Support Center for the Metalworking Industry) to conduct an evaluation to the software applicability. This evaluation had the purpose of determining the degree of suitability of the EGITRON SPC Pro software where functionality and usability is concerned. It was taken into account the general guidelines of the evaluation model defined on the ISO/IEC 25040.

The evaluation was developed in four stages:
  • User manual and the information bulletin analysis and confirmation of the key features
  • Operation and usability analysis with historical data and simulations
  • Test chart with the creation of X,R charts and functional analysis and accuracy of the statistical method
  • Usability and operation analysis in the client facilities

The results of this evaluation were extremely positive and confirm the qualities of the EGITRON SPC Pro Software. We transcribed below the final conclusions of the evaluation report. 


“The application SPC Pro is a statistical tool quite versatile and capable of adapting to any industry (production flow, quality characteristics of the sector, data collection plan, etc.). The configuration tables available ensure this degree of portability.

We highlight the following positive aspects:

  • Adequate and detailed information of the entire history of quality control
  • Robust application from the standpoint of the Information of the history and simulation
  • Application maturity - since it has suffered little changes in older clients and since no failures (due to software defects/bugs) were marked
  • EGITRON’s technical team (testimony of the visited client) assures all the technical support that the client requests and has the acceptance of the production and quality control users (shop-floor acceptance)
  • Good configuration and flexibility features
  • It’s easy for the users to learn and master the software, in other words, degree of adaptability to new users in a real environment
  • Integration with other systems
  • Statistial accuracy
  • Efficiency and/or Benchmarking assessment: no formal evaluation of benchmarking was conducted, however it was one of the SPC applications where we verified one of the highest degree of adaptability related to the product type/ production flow and industry, as well as the application precision where statistical methods are concerned (real time and history).​

If you would like to read more you can access the complete report though the attached pdf (this report is in Portuguese.) 

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