EGITRON SPC Pro software with strong market acceptance

The software EGITRON SPC Pro has been constantly showing that it is an essential tool for the statistical process control and it’s applicable to the most varied industrial sectors. Proof of this is the increasing interest from multiple companies in the advantages of the software. These companies agree to visit other clients that already have the software installed, they request demonstrations and meetings and the installation of test version to explore the software.

Following this EGITRON would like to highlight some of the ongoing cases related with the EGITON SPC Pro software that are taking place with some companies.

In the wake of the visit from IKEA Industry (Swedwood previously), announced and held last November, EGITRON takes the liberty of stating that this case is already at an advanced stage of pre-order.
Another case to highlight is the demonstration made for ETMA – Empresa Técnica de Metalurgia (Metallurgy Technical Company), with facilities in Braga, and the agreement to install the test version so they can validate the software. 
A presentation was also performed for the company INTRAPLÁS – Industria Transformadora de Plásticos (Plastic Processing Industry), with facilities in Rebordões, and a visit is scheduled to the company SOCORI - Sociedade de Cortiças de Riomeão (Cork Society from Riomeão) for the onsite verification of the advantages and multiple functionalities of the EGITRON SPC Pro software.
A visit is also scheduled to the company SONAFI - Sociedade Nacional de Fundição Injectada (Nacional Society of Injected Die Casting), with facilities in S. Mamede de Infesta, to present and perform a demonstration of the software.

EGITRON has been scheduling various demonstrations and visits to promote and show the real value of the EGITRON SPC Pro software.
Would you like to see for yourself the advantages of the statistical process control software EGITRON SPC Pro? Don’t dwell and contact us!

EGITRON is always available to schedule elucidation meetings, demonstrations and visits. 

For more information about the EGITRON SPC Pro software please visit the product page.