EGITRON and SARTORIUS INTEC have recently (November 2015) celebrated a collaboration agreement where it was officially stated that EGITRON is a part of Sartorius Intec’s certified partners network. 

EGITRON integrates and sells Sartorius devices since 2001 and has been working as a „Certified Partner“ since 2014, but only now was this position made official. With this formalization EGITRON’s actuation area was extended to cover not only Portugal but also the Galicia region in Spain. 

The true purpose for this partnership is to establish a strategic and operational collaboration between SARTORIUS INTEC and EGITRON, aimed at increasing the technical and specific knowledge of the industry and continually develop the necessary knowledge to obtain the competitive advantage where customer relationship and product sales are concerned. 

SARTORIUS INTEC will therefore offer a number of resources and tools to aid EGITRON in reaching the proposed goals. 

Within a customer oriented strategy, EGITRON will now have access to more information and training to be able to provide a better service to the customer, with more competitive prices, priority access to the sales line, marketing campaigns and guaranteed delivery times in certain products. 

An example of this was the sales training about inspection technologies (metal detectors, x-ray systems and checkweighers)that two EGITRON employees received last October (2015) at SARTORIUS INTEC facilities in Aachen, Germany. 

In short, this is a very advantageous partnership for EGITRON. From now on whenever SARTORIUS INTEC products are concerned, EGITRON will be able to meet its costumers’ requests with higher efficiency, speed and knowledge. 

If you have any question or need any more information about EGITRON or SARTORIUS INTEC products please contact us through the following email: